Paint & Wall Covering


Paint & Wall Covering

The Occupied Renovations™ turnkey concept provides a full spectrum of services to meet all wall finishing requirements.

The color and/or texture of the walls in an office is an important component to the overall design of the space, which is why our installation technicians are trained to apply and install a variety of wall finishes including but not limited to:

  • Interior & Exterior Paint
  • Vinyl wall covering
  • Textile wall covering
  • Acoustical textile wall covering
  • High impact wall protection systems
  • Stained wood panels
  • Fabric wrapped panels
  • Electrostatic painting
  • Window film
  • Printed murals and logos

With Occupied Renovations™, the walls of a space will be designed to complement the other finishes of the project, and be completed in conjunction with the other installation components of the project to ensure minimal disruption to the business.

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